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You talked earlier about the different cloth Margaery and Cersei are cut from, going a different way... When you think about Margaery's methods and her instincts and her aspirations, how would you compare her to Anne Boleyn?

Natalie Dormer:

[Long pause.] They're totally different women. Totally different women. [Pause.] Margaery comes from a very close family. She's very much under the wing of Olenna, whereas Anne was very much out on her own and relying, primarily, on her love and her passion and her relationship with her man, with her king. I suppose the biggest difference is... If you want a soundbyte, if that's what you're looking for... Insofar as it's "A Song of Ice and Fire," Anne Boleyn was fire and Margaery is ice. Margaery is a lot more practical, cool. She's been trained for this sort of level of politics and machinations from an early age. She's intellectual about it, whereas Anne Boleyn was very much a creature driven by passion an instinct and visceral qualities. So, in their roots, the characterizations come from two different places.


Two different places, certainly. But because, I suppose, I was watching you, I found myself also reflecting on similarities in certain things that drive these women. There are questions regarding what these two women are willing to do to simultaneously protect and elevate their families, to insulate their families and to hold down power far from their homes.

Natalie Dormer:

Oh, totally. Yeah, that's a shrewd point to make. Both women are carrying the banner for their respective clans and hoping for the best for their children. I mean, as an actress, as you get older, you find yourself in a situation where you play mothers or women who are hoping to be mothers. And whether you're talking about Anne Boleyn or Cersei Lannister -- or Baratheon, as she became -- or whether you're talking about Margaery, these are women who are trying to put their children or their future children first. Margaery wants her son to sit on the Iron Throne. Anne Boleyn wanted her son to sit on the throne of England. And Cersei wants to keep her children on the throne. When you're talking about this kind of politic, be it George R.R. Martin's concept of a medieval society or whether you're looking at genuine English medieval society or post-medieval society, the only way a woman could have power was to have a male child and have influence on him and get him as high as he can and, ultimately, that goal is a throne of whatever kingdom you're talking about. So that is what unites them. You'll appreciate that I'm trying very, very hard as an actor to separate my characterizations. It was a concern for me when I took on the role that I wanted to differentiate them as much as possible. So I aim to do that and I challenge myself to do that every single day. I want to create a completely independent character.


Absolutely and I wasn't saying they were the same. I was feeling like one, to some degree, enriches or plays off of the other to some degree. Maybe?

Natalie Dormer:

Yeah, maybe. I would stick to my point about women being mothers in these situations and that being what unites them, that maternal instinct to want the best for their children or their future children and raising the family that way.


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