Every Clara Oswald Episode:
 Christmas Special | The Time of the Doctor

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Harry Potter Potion Flasks

Disguise your liquor as potions. Perhaps drinking makes you lucky. Or truthful. Or an entirely different-looking person. Sold on Etsy.

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→ Au : Got Race!bending: (East) Asian Fancast :

Daniel Wu as Jn Snow, Michelle Yeoh as Catelyn Stark, Zhou Xun as Daenerys Targaryen, Suzuka Ogo as Arya Stark, Andy Lau as Stannis Baratheon, Liu Yifei as Sansa stark, Chow Yun Fat as Tywin Lannister, Gong Li as Cersei Lannister, Chang Chen as Jaime Lannister, Zhang Ziyi as Margaery Tyrell, Huang Xiaoming as Robb Stark, Ken Watanabe as Ned Stark

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Jordan Parrish in Perishable.


Find the perfect theme


Finding a good new theme can be hecka hard so here’s a thing to make it easier

HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE are a bunch of easy, clean themes

HERE and HERE are whole networks of theme makers you can look through

HERE is a blog that makes themes and has a bunch…

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AMC has renewed Halt and Catch Fire for a second season.

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Disney Who: Aladdin

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If you say you’ve never bought clothes influenced by a fictional character youre lying

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